Earl OwenProfessor Earl Owen, known as the Father of Microsurgery designed micro instruments, microscopes and new operations to save congenitally abnormal babies from dying at birth in the 1960s. He succeeded. One day a 2 year old child came to Emergency with his index finger amputated cleanly. With his new Zeiss Operating Microscope and the research experience from even smaller children, he replanted that index finger successfuly (1970), and set up in one of Sydney's Major University Hospitals the world's first Microsurgery Reconstruction Center.

Professor Owen has a strong interest and commitment to musicians' health: a gifted and accomplished pianist himself, Professor Owen has developed and designed ergonomic chairs for musicians and is much in demand internationally to advise musicians on health issues in relation to hand and muscle injuries. He is well known among international musicians'  for his career-saving assistance and advice.